Releases to help with research

Two bald eagles ready for release were fit with current technology telemetry units on 28 February 2017. These eagles are now part of an eagle tracking study that began in 2014, being jointly conducted with the US Fish & Wildlife Service Moline Field Office, the US Geological Survey, and West Virginia University. The researchers are looking at migration and movement patterns, specifically how and when these eagles use upland areas away from the river, of both Midwest eagles and eagles wintering along the Mississippi River.

These new GPS-enabled units utilize cell tower networks to download customized and detailed data on each eagle’s movement. As of early December 2016, 30 eagles were being tracked. Open this PDF (772 KB) to see movement of some of the eagles with telemetry units as of 4 December 2016.

Read more about the research project here:

The bald eagles fit with telemetry units:

Thanks to Polk County Conservation for documenting this research.

Releases are always special as so many patients never get to that point. These eagles were released in a private thank-you ceremony for SOAR rescuers and transporters in NE Iowa. My heartfelt thank you to Nick S., Brian M., Brian R., Gary S., Tracy B., and so many more for their help and dedication to our feathered friends. Thanks to landowner Bob Smith for allowing us to meet and release on his property. ~Linette


Nick S opened the crate door for Delaware 2.




Brian M opened the crate door for Highlandville.