Make the switch!

Watch this segment from Itasca Community TV (Minnesota) of Just Outdoors – Copper Bullets that talks about ballistics, shot placement, human and wildlife health, and three shooting demonstrations. (It’s not short, but is informative!)

The Case for Copper: Research uncovers problems with lead bullets for deer hunting

Check out this article from the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer – the Minnesota DNR’s publication in September-October 2013.

A safe, lead-free meal

The photos in the slideshow below are from a trail camera focused on a copper muzzleloader slug-shot deer gut pile from January 2013. This nice safe gut pile was placed out in the open.

Can you identify who enjoyed a non-toxic meal? Encourage all hunters and anglers to hunt and fish lead-free!


What copper slugs do

Below are the photos from a white-tail deer that a friend of SOAR shot with a 12-gauge copper slug during the 2012 hunting season. The path of the slug was tracked… and the slug went through the near shoulder blade, through the body, through the opposite humerus, and lodged under the skin. Photo at left, you can see the slug just under the skin. The middle photo shows the hole made by the slug. The final photo is of the mushroomed slug.










The Non-lead Hunter

This video is produced by a Southern California hunter in 2011. Please note this video is 23 minutes long, but well worth it!

Fragmentation of lead ammunition in hunter shot game is a source of concern for hunters like Anthony Prieto. Lead is toxic to all living things and when left behind in the gutpiles of field-dressed animals, it remains as a source of toxicity for scavenger wildlife like eagles, ravens, and condors. In this video, Anthony takes us on two hunts, one where lead ammunition is used and another with a copper bullet. Both carcasses are radiographed in the field and we get to see why lead ammunition is such an issue. Produced by Anthony Prieto for hunter awareness on the issue of lead ammunition. Also available in Spanish.