Monthly Archives: June 2015

I’ve lost count…

Webmaster has lost count on the number of screech owl hatchlings admitted, however the database says that 18 hatch-year 2015 screech owls have been admitted through early June. Most are in the flight pen.

Two 2014 juvenile eagles admits released

Two HY14 eagles admitted summer 2014 were released at SOAR on 18 June 2015. Project AWARE, admitted 17 July 2014, and Clay, admitted 9 August 2014, were both very sick juveniles when admitted and much supportive care and time in the flight pen was part of their rehab. Releasing them at SOAR gave us an

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6 June 2015 – first molt

Now is the time for birds of many species to be molting out old feathers and growing in new feathers. Raptors molt one or two feathers at a time so that they can still fly and hunt. This is different from many waterfowl that drop all the flight feathers shortly after nesting, this keeps the

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Loess Hills Prairie Seminar Release

SOAR has been a part of the Loess Hills Prairie Seminar (LHPS) for many years, educating attendees about the importance of quality habitat for raptors and also natural history and biology of a raptor that can be found in the Loess Hills. Tyler talked with participants on 31 May 2015. If possible, SOAR also releases

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