Ah… the weather?!

From where I sit, the weather is certainly feeling like January! Neighbors with livestock are taking this ‘warmer’ day to bed down livestock and make sure plenty of feed is ground, hay is available, and water tanks working as they should. That is no different than at SOAR.

All 2015 patients being held over because they missed migration have already been moved to more insulated and warmer housing. The predicted double-digit below zero temps for Saturday and Sunday evening (16-17 Jan 2016) also mean that all SOAR patients are staying put. If they are in ICU and ready to move, they will stay in ICU until the weather moderates. There are many patients that are ready for release, however, they will stay put for now. Both patient and staff have put out great effort for these birds to be ready for release and we want to give them every opportunity for success when released. That means waiting until much better weather! Below zero temps and a hard crust of snow is not at all ideal.

So, for now that means we still have many mouths to feed. Time to go do my own chores…