Juvenile Bald Eagles Released 10 April 2016!

Remember the crazy week in September 2015 with multiple bald eagles being admitted with injuries consistent with having collided with a vehicle? Two of those bald eagles were released on 10 April 2016 at the O’Brien County Conservation Prairie Heritage Center! This county area is an absolutely beautiful prairie / river habitat. The little Sioux River meanders through the property.

The first admitted that week in September was from Osceola County. Read Osceola’s story here. This eagles rehab was completed by the end of February. The other eagle that was ready at the end of February was admitted by the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehab Project after being picked up along side Cedar Wapsi Road and transferred to SOAR. Read Cedar Wapsi’s story here. SOAR likes to release juvenile bald eagles with another eagle, if at all possible, so that is what we did! Timing of a  spring eagle release is somewhat guesswork — eagles and humans have expended much effort and energy over the winter to get to the point of ‘ready for release.’ The last thing we want to do is release them too soon… we hope by April that all the deer season shot, but not recovered, deer carcasses are long gone.

Osceola’s rescuer and O’Brien County naturalist Charlene Elyea released Osceola. Cedar Wapsi was released by Little Sioux Valley Conservation Association board member, Dave Stoll.


Thanks to O’Brien County Conservation for hosting this release!