Fishing Lead-Free

You know we encourage all outdoor enthusiasts to hunt and fish lead-free and to help you do that, we’re always on the look-out for products! I’m not an angler, so I’ve not tried any of the products out… but you can often find reviews on the company’s website.

The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) has an amazing page of links to companies that exclusively sell non-lead fishing tackle. Check this page out (I did find a couple bad links, but most are get you where you’re supposed to be!) Be sure to spend time reading up on loons and lead. It will sound eerily similar to our eagles and lead information here on the SOAR site.

Here is another outstanding site that I found on the LPC non-lead page, Recycled Fish! The Recycled Fish organization is based in nearby Bellevue, Nebraska and has great information on stewardship and having a “Lifestyle of Stewardship.” Most of their recommendations for living a stewardship lifestyle apply to even though of us that are not anglers! Check out their website and take their “stewardship pledge!”