Community Foundation of Carroll County to help SOAR

Early February 2019, SOAR was notified that a grant application to the Community Foundation of Carroll County was awarded to help build a much needed food storage building!

When SOAR’s facility was planned and built, approximately 100 wild bird patients were admitted each year. Over the years, the admission rate has more than tripled. To accommodate this number of patients, flight areas have been added, but birds needing intensive care have to be kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As climate controlled space is limited, intensive care patients have had to share space with food storage freezers and food preparation areas. The combined heat output from the freezer units makes it difficult to keep intensive care rooms at an appropriate temperature. As soon as the 2019 construction season allows, a stand-alone 20′ X 24′ X 9′ insulated structure on a concrete pad with floor drain will be built next to the facility to house all the freezers and food prep area. Garage door access to freezers would allow for ease of loading and unloading even in inclement weather.

Our thanks to the Community Foundation of Carroll County for supporting SOAR. The Community Foundation funding is in addition to support by the Avangrid Foundation in collaboration with Avangrid Renewables.