An update on D32

What an eventful week! On Saturday, the other eaglet – D32 that was rescued on Friday 7 June – from the nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery was transported to SOAR. D32 had excellent care on Friday evening and Saturday morning from Raptor Resource Project board member and veterinarian Laura.

D32 spent several days evading searchers before spotted hunkered down in the trout stream.

D32 is definitely impacted by black fly / buffalo gnat bites and is emaciated and dehydrated. As happens with birds in poor condition D32 has feather lice. Feather lice may crawl on you, but only in search of feathers.

leg bonesThe biggest concern for D32 is that the tibiotarsus in the right leg is broken just above the ankle. Kay consulted with SOAR veterinarians and all agreed that pinning the bones together was not an option.

The only option, and it is a long-shot, is to align and stabilize the bones while D32 is under anesthesia. Surgery is scheduled to align the bones and apply an external stabilizer – like a cast.

Then we all wait.

D32 is on antibiotics and is eating cut up food.

As updates on D32 become available, those will be shared. Please understand that SOAR had 20 raptors admitted from 4-9 June  that all need care and attention.

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A special thank you to RRP board member and wife, David and Ann for coordinating from afar, RRP board member Laura J, and the Iowa DNR Decorah Fish Hatchery staff for their support.