Monthly Archives: October 2019

eagle beak

Beak Issues

SOAR has admitted two bald eagles in 2019 that have beak damage. Update: Both these bald eagles were released in April 2020! Did you know that like our fingernails, the outer portion of a bird’s beak is made of keratin and is always growing. The keratin covers the bony structure of the maxilla (upper jaw)

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Still busy here, a few updates

Some businesses have peak busy times and slow times. The business of wildlife rehabilitation is a constant busy. (long post warning… but you’ll want to read clear to the end) Thirty raptors were admitted to SOAR from 1 September to 4 October 2019. The admits included 9 bald eagles, 3 barred owls, 1 broad-winged hawk,

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D33 gnat bites

The story of four hatch-year 2019 bald eagles

From admit to soft release: the story of D33, DN9, Allamakee, and Calmar These hatch-year 2019 (HY19) bald eagles were admitted separately, but soon were on the same rehabilitation plan. D33 was admitted 5 June 2019 –  This HY19 bald eagle is from the nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery and famous from the Raptor

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