Release to say thank you!

SOAR has conservation partners across Iowa that help with rescue and transport. We often talk about “the village” that it takes for raptor rehabilitation. These folks from Winneshiek and Fayette County Conservation are some of the faces of our “village.” Not only do we need to say thanks to the rescuers… but also to their co-workers, directors, spouses, and children!

part of our village

The bald eagle released in Winneshiek County on 20 October 2020 was rescued by John with Winneshiek County Conservation (back row, left) with the help of co-worker Birgitta (front row, left) from west of Bluffton, Iowa, on 22 August 2020. This adult female had nasty road-rash type wound on the back of her left wing that was full of maggots (yuck!). Her injury left her with poor flight and she was a tish thin at 8.5 pounds.

Thanks also needs to go to Northeast Iowa state Conservation Officers, US Fish & Wildlife Service Warden, and staff at the Decorah Fish Hatchery.