Clarke rescued **Updated

Correction! – This juvenile eagle injured / rescued in Clarke County was first identified as a first-year or hatch-year 2021 juvenile. Upon further reflection, this juvenile displayed more characteristics of an older juvenile eagle. There’s some yellow coming in on the beak, the eyes are lighter, and he has a white belly making male bald eagle likely to be a three-year-old, hatched in 2019.

Many thanks to the family that rescued this hatch-year 2019 bald eagle. Unfortunately, we know this eagle was, as we say, HBC or “hit by car.” The rescuing family was in the vehicle that struck this young eagle as he flew straight up out of the ditch. The driver did slow, but still impacted this eagle. Fortunately, the motorists behind them avoided the eagle.

The family turned around and called the conservation board director in Clarke County. The director guided their rescue and met the family at their house. The director transported Clarke to meet up with SOAR. Whew… what a day for this eagle!

Clarke does have some head trauma, road rash, a broken right humerus, and is thin. His wing is wrapped and he is devouring food.

HY21 eagle

In his photo, his feathers are wet from drinking from his water bowl.

Talons crossed everyone.

22 October update – Clarke’s wing has been checked and wrapped once again. The bone needs more time to heal. He continues to eat well. Clarke is still in ICU.