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Cooper's hawk

Cooper’s released

28 May 2021

This hatch-year 2020 (HY20) Cooper’s hawk was admitted at the end of April 2020 from Dallas County, Iowa, with a bruised shoulder.

HY21 red-tailed hawk


19 May 2021

Hatch-year 2021 (HY21) great horned and barred owls continue to be admitted. The first HY21 red-tailed hawk has also been admitted. Yes, it is always best if the raptor parent(s)

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young barred owl

Sometimes young birds do need help

18 May 2021

Yes, it is always best if the raptor parent(s) raise their young. Knowing when to intervene is difficult. Many patients admitted in the spring and even into the summer are

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L&D 10 eagle

L&D 10 Bald Eagle Release

14 May 2021

In mid-December, Lock &  Dam 10 (Guttenberg, IA) staff alerted the Federal Warden of an injured bald eagle. The warden rescued and met up with Wildthunder for immediate care and

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barred owl

Happy barred owl

1 May 2021

This barred owl was admitted mid-January 2021 from Marion County. A concerned citizen picked this owl up south of Knoxville on Iowa 5 in the evening and took to a

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