SOAR News & Notes

HY21 bald eagle

Urbandale HY21 bald eagle

21 June 2021

A bald eagle nest in Urbandale, Iowa, is closely monitored (and has a livestream camera) by human neighbors. SOAR was alerted by nearby homeowners that one of the two eaglets…

broadwinged hawk

Two babies, two different counties

11 June 2021

These two broad-winged hawks are now unintended siblings! One broad-winged hawk is from Prairie City and has puncture wounds on its little rump. The other broad-winged hawk nestling was found…

hatchling kestrel

“Homeless” hatch-year kestrels

8 June 2021

These two hatch-year 2021 American kestrels were found in Woodbury County after their nest tree was removed. There was no where safe for the nestlings.  

teenage barred owls

Growing owls

8 June 2021

The baby owl population is growing – figuratively and literally! Hatch-year 2021 owls are still being admitted. Earlier hatch-year owl admits are growing and needing more space. These “teenage” barred…

barred owl

Barreds released

1 June 2021

Two adult barred owls were released on 31 May 2021. Birds are released back in to appropriate habitat for that species. Barred owl habitat is river bottom timber. Barred owls…