SOAR News & Notes

HY21 kestrel

Feathered Rockets

25 July 2021

Three hatch-year 2021 kestrels were released 25 July 2021! Kay described them as “little rockets.” To date, 20 hatch-year ’21 kestrels have been released!  

HY21 bald eagles


21 July 2021

Several bald eagles have showed their increased strength and stamina! These bald eagles have moved from 10×20′ flight rooms to the 20×60′ flight pen. Here the eagles have more room…

horned owl


16 July 2021

These two hatch-year 2021 great horned owls showed us how well they learned horned owl defensive posture and attitude. These two were released on 15 July 2021. Kay reported they…

hatch-year bald eagle

Hatch-year ’21 bald eagle update

7 July 2021

Two Polk County (IA) hatch-year 2021 (HY21) bald eagles needed rescue in mid-June – one from Urbandale and the other from Saylor Township. Both of the HY21 female eagles have…

HY21 Coops

Coopers released, Coopers admitted

7 July 2021

At the end of June / first part of July, a Cooper’s hawk admitted from Shenandoah, Iowa was released. This Coops was an older hatch-year 2021 bird. In the same…