Monthly Archives: September 2021

Ms Pox

Mid-September Admits

Birdie migration has begun! With that, we expect to see a few raptors get themselves in a pickle and need an assist. With some species, like bald eagles, we can tell adults from juveniles, while in most species by this time of the year juveniles and adults look the same. Alex from Sioux County (Iowa)

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Annual Release Soon

SOAR’s annual release celebration has a new location for 2021! Sunday, October 3, 2021 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. The former Iowa 4-H Camp, 1991 Peach Ave, Madrid, Iowa Our host for this event is the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF). INHF purchased the entire property from the Iowa 4-H Foundation to protect the camp’s natural

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soft release door

Eagles soft-released

This picture details who went where last week! Two eagles were moved to the 100′ flight pen and the others were soft released on 11 September 2021. A soft-release is one where after the ready patient is used to eating and navigating in that flight pen, the hack window / door is then opened and

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eagle stuck


This hatch-year 2021 (HY21) bald eagle found herself in a predicament! For some reason she got down inside a rock and gravel crusher and once there did not have enough room to spread her wings and get herself out. (This happened a few years back to another HY21 bald eagle that got stuck in a

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