This hatch-year 2021 (HY21) bald eagle found herself in a predicament! For some reason she got down inside a rock and gravel crusher and once there did not have enough room to spread her wings and get herself out. (This happened a few years back to another HY21 bald eagle that got stuck in a water treatment plant.)

Crusher was admitted to SOAR on 20 August 2021.

toe wraps

Crusher with inter-digital toe wrap just finished on 8/21/21

This eagle has very sore and swollen feet and both of her rear toes (halux digit) had abrasions and the toes wanted to tuck under. An inter-digital toe wrap was applied to help pad her sore feet and to help each rear toe be in a better position.

The toe wraps have been removed and Crusher is now in a small flight room. She is drinking and eating on her own, but still spends quite a bit of time laying down. Good thing she’s sassy!


On 2 September 2021, still has sore feet.