Mid-September Admits

Birdie migration has begun! With that, we expect to see a few raptors get themselves in a pickle and need an assist. With some species, like bald eagles, we can tell adults from juveniles, while in most species by this time of the year juveniles and adults look the same.

Alex from Sioux County (Iowa) rescued this hatch-year 2021 bald eagle in early September. She came in a bit thin at 8 pounds and with avian pox. Ms Pox is still in quarantine (much to her displeasure) and needs to stay in quarantine for one more week. Avian pox is extremely contagious.

Ms Pox is no longer thin, and now weighs in at 11 pounds. You can see the pox around her eye and beak in the image of her in the crate.

Ms Pox










HY21 bald eagleKay is holding another hatch-year 2021 bald eagle. This one was rescued by Jeremiah from Marshall County Conservation. The persistence of one semi driver on September 10 who reached out to multiple wildlife rehabilitators reporting that he’d seen an eagle in the same spot two days in a row – the message made it to Jeremiah, as well! “Laurel” was emaciated at admit and does have an old break to her right ulna.










screech owlThis screech owl was rescued in a small town in Carroll County (Iowa) by SOAR friend Matt – he works for Carroll County Conservation. This owls injuries are consistent with the head trauma that accompanies a vehicle collision.









adult female merlin

This adult female Merlin (taiga subspecies) came in from Woodbury County (Iowa) and has a bad compound fracture of the right humerus. Positive thoughts for good alignment and healing, please.