Peli and horned owls released

In early October, a young pelican at Swan Lake State Park was reported to be not acting like a wild bird – this peli let people get far too close! This pelican was picked up and taken to SOAR for an exam. Turned out this pelican lacked energy from being thin and dealing with external parasites and leeches (yuck). Plenty of food and some medication and it was time for this pelican to find other pelicans and get on down the road. Pelicans migrate and fewer and fewer were being seen at nearby Dunbar Slough. Friday, October 16 was release day for the pelican. Kay said she, “Watched him fly around the wetland and land back on the water. Good to go.”

peli on the water



great horned owlTwo great horned owls had ‘checked all the boxes’ and completed strength training. They flew free again on October 15th as well.

Here’s one of them before release.