Monthly Archives: December 2021

eagle release

Bald Eagles Released

An adult and a hatch-year 2021 bald eagles completed their recovery and were released at SOAR on 22 December 2021! The adult bald eagle rescued in Des Moines near Halloween that had elevated lead levels. This female was given supportive care and time to build back her strength. The youngster was transferred to SOAR from

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great horned owl

Recent Owl Admits

SOAR admitted a snowy owl on 20 December and a great horned owl on 22 December 2021. These owls have good and bad similarities. Both owls were rescued by two different county’s conservation staff members. Yeah, we so appreciate our many county conservation partners here in Iowa. If you’re not from Iowa, you can click

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snowy owl

Snowy admit

I know we talk about giving raptors space, especially those migrating to spend the winter in Iowa. If you haven’t read our story about giving raptors space, check out this post. That said, sometimes there is reason to approach. This snowy owl admitted on 6 December 2021 is one of those cases. Here’s the backstory

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