Recent Owl Admits

SOAR admitted a snowy owl on 20 December and a great horned owl on 22 December 2021. These owls have good and bad similarities. Both owls were rescued by two different county’s conservation staff members. Yeah, we so appreciate our many county conservation partners here in Iowa. If you’re not from Iowa, you can click here to learn more about Iowa’s county conservation system.

These owls are both are very underweight – emaciated. Neither has any palpable fractures, but may have soft tissue damage.

Both owls are receiving supportive care to rehydrate and get their weight back up.

snowy owl

Second snowy owl admitted to SOAR, rescued by Calhoun County Conservation near Manson on 20 December 2021.

great horned owl

Emaciated great horned owl via Ringgold County Conservation on 22 December 2021.