Bald Eagle Updates

26 January 2022 was “moving day” for some bald eagle admits!

The Jasper County / Colfax Bridge eagle (admit early December) was moved from a small flight room to the 60-foot flight pen. The fractured humerus has had good healing and she seems to have good shoulder joint function. So far, so good with her.

Colfax has company in the 60-foot flight pen – hatch-year ’21 Ms Pox has joined her. Ms Pox came to SOAR in mid-September from Sioux County with a bad case of avian pox. All her lesions have healed up nicely and she’s flying!

The other early December bald eagle admit from Greene County (Iowa) that had elevated lead levels has been moved to the insulated pen. She is eating very well. Her vision is not back to normal yet.