Three in Three

**Updates – Early December 2021 did not start out well. Three adult bald eagles admitted in three days.

One bald eagle from Allamakee County was exhibiting symptoms of lead poisoning. This eagle was NOT in good shape, and died en route to SOAR. Thanks to all involved in this eagle’s rescue, care, and transport – you are some of the best!

HBC bald eagleAdult bald eagle number two was hit by a vehicle on a bridge in Jasper County. This eagle has a non-compound fractured humerus, is wrapped, and in intensive care. “Colfax” is eating and drinking. This picture was taken shortly after rescue, so you can see some of the trauma of the accident. Thanks to the Jasper County Iowa DNR Conservation Officer for rescuing and transporting a ways for Deb to pick up. **UPDATE 12/17/21 – The wing will be unwrapped to check healing, but still needs additional time for the bone to heal. **Update 1/8/22 – The vet wrap has been removed. Kay says, “So far, so good.” This eagle will move from an ICU crate to a small flight pen so the eagle can stretch out the wings, but will not be encouraged to try flight just yet.


bald eagle

The third adult bald eagle was admitted from Greene County and IS lead poisoned. This eagle is pretty bad shape, but is so far keeping food down, that is a good sign. Thanks again to SOAR volunteer Deb who rescued this eagle and got to SOAR as quick as possible. **UPDATE 12/17/21 – This eagle has been receiving chelation medication to help the body flush the lead. Is currently off chelation for a couple days. This eagle is still keeping food down, but is certainly not out of the woods yet. **Update 1/8/22 – The Greene County eagle is off chelation and remains in ICU. Greene is mostly eating on its own. This eagle is still “not out of the woods.”