60-Ft flight pen update – end of February 2022

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “Change is the only constant.” The 60-foot flight pen residents change as bald eagles come from the intensive care / smaller flight pens or have progressed to needing time in the 100-foot flight pen.

60-ft flight pen

This photo is from the last weekend in February. On the high perch we have Ida Grove and Colfax Bridge. Both of these eagles are flying the length of the pen, but are lacking stamina.

On the table are Ms Pox (the juvenile) and Kossuth. While Ms Pox is ready to go, Kossuth still can’t fly the length yet.

Here’s info on the new additions to this flight pen:

Kossuth: This adult female bald eagle is confirmed “hit by vehicle” in late November 2021. The driver that hit this eagle also transported to a veterinary clinic in the county. That clinic pinned the fracture in the radius-ulna before getting this eagle transported to SOAR. The pins were removed in early January.

Ida Grove: This male bale eagle was found on a minimum maintenance road near Ida Grove. He had bruising and swelling on one elbow and very green poo. A blood lead test showed elevated lead levels.

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