Bald Eagle Patient Updates

Here are your 17 February 2022 updates on a few bald eagle patients!

Ms Pox is ready to go. She and other juvenile eagles will be soft-released together at SOAR when the weather is consistently warmer! (Ms Pox 26 January 2022 update, original post)

Which eagles might be released with Ms Pox? SOAR is hopeful that two additional hatch-year 2021 eagles will be ready to release at the same time. These include an October 2021 admit from Clarke County (this male was indeed hit by a vehicle and had a fractured right humerus) and a female admitted in November 2021 from Buena Vista County that had a fractured tibiotarsus.

The Colfax Bridge eagle is improving, but needs more time in the flight pen to regain strength and stamina! (26 January 2022 update, original post)

The Greene County bald eagle is stable, her vision is a bit improved, and she remains in a small insulated pen.