Early April Admits

I’m sure our readers know our dislike of barbed wire… this short-eared owl was rescued in Story County after being found caught in barbed wire. Our hope is that any injury to this owl’s left wing from the barbed wire is minimal. Below is the owl shortly after rescue in early April.

short-eared owl

Cassie holding eagle

Cassie is holding this female bald eagle rescued in Clarke County.

While our resident adult bald eagles are nesting right now, those bald eagles that call the “north country” home are still on their way back from winter “vacation.” SOAR recently admitted two adult female bald eagles that by their weight are likely much more northern residents. Northern bald eagles weigh more than our resident bald eagles. Iowa bald eagles range from 7 – 9 pounds for a male and 9-11 for a female. Northern bald eagles weigh more and southern bald eagles weigh less than resident Iowa eagles. SOAR has had a few 13-plus pound females admitted over the years.

The bald eagle Cassie is holding is skinny at 11.25 pounds! She came to SOAR thanks to the help of Clarke County Conservation on 12 April. She has a puncture wound in one wing that caused her enough issue to become grounded and needing assistance.

Another bald eagle was admitted the same week from the town of Anthon in Woodbury County, Iowa. This eagle (in video) has damage to her beak and is on antibiotics. Watch her eat in the video.