SOAR bald eagle data update

Are you a middle school or high school teacher looking to use authentic data in your class? Yes, you say!

Visit this page to learn about the SOAR Student Data Project where you can download a storyline and access SOAR’s bald eagle database of admits from 2015 through 2022.

The 2022 SOAR bald eagle data is complete and has been added to the dataset.

Here’s some snapshots of the data.

How many bald eagles have received a lead test (either a blood lead test or a liver lead test)? SOAR checks lead levels in the vast majority of bald eagle admits – only 12 bald eagles of the 458 admitted from 2015-2022 did not have a lead test done.

donut chart


What do you notice about these two pie charts? One is just the 2022 bald eagle data. The other is for the 2015-2022 time frame.

2022 pie chart


2015-2022 pie chart

Do you see similarities in these two pie charts? As a middle school or high school teacher, what other questions would you want your students to investigate? Check out the SOAR Student Data page.

One poisoning is one to many. Please hunt and fish lead free. Please continue to encourage others to switch to non-toxic ammunition and tackle.