Eaglets Admitted

Powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes bounced from southwest to central Iowa and continued to the northeast on 21 May 2024. Here is a summary from the National Weather Service. Not only were communities devastated, buildings damaged, and trees uprooted, but wildlife suffered, too.

At almost 4:30 p.m. on the 21st, webcam viewers watched as an eagle nest toppled from the tree along with the three resident eaglets.

A village of supporters converged and rescued the three eaglets and they were taken to Iowa Bird Rehabilitation for evaluation for any injuries after their fall. The eaglets were dried off, hydrated, and fed and spent the night safe from continued rain and storms.

The eaglets were bruised and sore, no broken bones could be felt. Back near the nest tree, a temporary nest was constructed for the eagle parents to continue to care for their eaglets. On the 22nd, the three eaglets were placed in this temporary nest in hopes the adults would attend to them. The webcam allowed us (and the nest followers) to watch and wait for the adult eagles to once again care for their young. While the adults were taking food to where the nest WAS, they were not feeding the eaglets in the temporary nest.

On 23 May, Iowa Bird Rehabilitation returned to the temporary nest to retrieve the eaglets. Iowa Bird Rehabilitation again provided overnight care.

SOAR felt the Denton eaglets need to return to rehabilitation because:
  • Parents had not been visiting or feeding.
  • The eaglets had spent more than 40 hours without food. We are worried about starvation and dehydration.
  • The eaglets’ bodies are growing many feathers at this stage and need good nutrition to form properly.
  • The structure (temporary nest) they are in is susceptible to predation, being only 8 feet or so off the ground.
  • Plus, more storms with heavy rain and wind were forecast for the evening of 23 May.
Thanks must go to Jen at Iowa Bird Rehabilitation (and her volunteers) for their efforts!
Trio at IBR

This was Jen’s check on them the evening of 23 May 2024. All bowls of stew meat eaten and resting nicely!