And now there are five

Three hatch-year 2024 bald eagles from Urbandale / Denton were admitted to SOAR on 24 May. Read about their admit story here. This trio is in an ICU “nursery” room so they have more room to move about.


Then, late on 24 May, another hatch-year bald eagle was picked up from Hardin County Conservation and made the trip to SOAR on Saturday. The landowners reported that one of the supporting branches of the nest gave way and the nest fell to the ground. This youngster has a fractured humerus, the bone has been splinted and the wing stabilized.

wrapped wing

HY24 bald eagle from along the Iowa River in Hardin County


The Trio and Hardin eaglets are together in the ICU nursery. The Hardin eaglet is likely the oldest of these four.

Yesterday (4 June 24), a SOAR rescuer traveled to near the town of Barnum in Webster County as SOAR was alerted to a nestling bald eagle on the ground. This youngster is starving and will stay in an ICU crate to catch up hydration and needed food before joining the other HY24 eaglets in the nursery.

nestling bald eagle

Nestling bald eagle from near Barnum, IA (Webster County)

All the eaglets are eating, pooping, and sleeping. Good babies!

These young eaglets are eating the equivalent of one pound of food a day, if not more. Jump to this page to learn how you can help support their needs.