Several to 60-foot flight

With the 60′ flight pen having been recently emptied and cleaned, several hatch-year 2024 and even a couple adult bald eagles were ready to transition from a 10×20′ flight pen to the 60′ flight pen!

With the end-goal of releasing all these bald eagles, human interaction is limited to the necessary activities – feeding, cleaning, refilling water pans – until the time comes where individual eagles are ready for their next step in the rehabilitation journey. When eagles need moved, that is the time for updated weights, measuring beak depth if not yet done, and given de-wormer medication. This is the best time for us to get photos of patients.

bald eagles in rehab

Upper perch, L-R: Denton Boy 1, Denton Girl, Cordova, Denton Boy 2
Lower, L-R: Dubuque, Marshall, Barnum, Gladys

The next step for the HY24 eaglets is for them to take repeated low flights to start strengthening their flight (chest) muscles. This flight pen simulates fledging.

In the wild, the adults do remain close to the nest as the young start making their first flights. The adults monitor and protect their young from predators.

From here, each eagle will need to spend time in the 100′ flight pen.