SOAR News & Notes


barred owl needed surgery

28 November 2023

Thanks to Iowa Bird Rehabilitation for the rescue of this barred owl in Polk County, Iowa. The owl was admitted with a round-ish abscess at the wrist area on the…


#316 long-eared owl

28 November 2023

Thanks to our rehab partner in the Sioux City area (Forever Wildlife Lodge & Clinic) for rescuing this migrating long-eared owl in the Anthon area and getting owl so quickly…

nestling red-tailed hawks

Ready for soft-release!

20 November 2023

These 2023 red-tailed hawks were admitted to Iowa Bird Rehabilitation as nestlings in early May and transferred to SOAR on May 4. Both of these red-tailed hawks are zooming and…


Admit #282

19 October 2023

This short-eared owl was rescued (in Clay County, Iowa) and transported by Clay County Conservation. Woot and our thanks. This owl is number 282 on our running list of admitted…

Osprey spotted!

16 October 2023

Several conservation partners across Iowa worked with the Iowa Department of Nature Resources and energy companies from Wisconsin and Minnesota from 1997 through 2016. SOAR worked with partners to hack…

non-lead ammo required

If you hunt, use non-toxic ammunition

4 October 2023

SOAR is a “family” of hunters that has chosen long ago to use non-toxic ammunition. We know that lead is a toxin — a poison. SOAR (and others) have documented…

If you see something, say something!

12 September 2023

SOAR was alerted to a Facebook post where a landowner’s chicken was taken by a hatch-year red-tailed hawk. The original poster asked if a fake owl would keep the chickens…

Habitat is where it’s at!

4 August 2023

Check out this owl habitat! Two hatch-year great horned owls were released near this intersection on 3 August!  

barred owl in intensive care crate

It’s all about… habitat!

1 August 2023

Two adult barred owls were released on Owl Avenue in the Des Moines River Valley on the way to an owl program! Check out this habitat.    

Decorah FAQ 2023

19 July 2023

Frequently asked questions (and answers) about bald eagle ambassador Decorah Can you believe that Decorah is now 9!? Where has time gone? What happened to Decorah that he is now…