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soft release door

HY21 bald eagles soft-released

Logistics and timing finally worked and four hatch-year 2021 bald eagles that were all ready for release…. are now flying free.. GoPro and game cameras were placed in the soft release pen. Archery hunted deer carcasses donated as food source were set out as back up food. Urbandale/DH7, Saylor Township/56th Place, Laurel, and Crusher were

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HY21 bald eagles

Crusher Update

The mid-August juvenile bald eagle admit that was found in a rock and gravel crusher (hence her creative name!) is doing very well! She has graduated from a small room where she could spread her wings and hop up to low perches to the 60′ flight pen. All her toes are in the proper position

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rough-legged hawk

Northern Raptors Heading South

SOAR can confirm that many birds of prey that summer in the north country have made it to their winter territories. We know this because this past weekend a saw-whet owl and a rough-legged hawk were rescued in Woodbury County, Iowa, and brought to SOAR. The rough-legged hawk was grounded due to deep bruising of

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HY21 eagle

Clarke rescued **Update

Many thanks to the family that rescued this hatch-year 2021 bald eagle. Unfortunately, we know this eagle was, as we say, HBC or “hit by car.” The rescuing family was in the vehicle that struck this young eagle as he flew straight up out of the ditch. The driver did slow, but still impacted this

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Laurel on the high perch

Laurel is a hatch-year 2021 bald eagle from south of the town of Laurel, Iowa in Marshall County. Here’s a snippet of her admit: After a month in rehab, this girl is just now getting to the high perch in the 60′ flight pen. This just tells us that she was pretty banged up

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eagle flying

2021 Annual Release Recap

We musts give thanks to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation for hosting SOAR’s 2021 annual release celebration at the former Iowa 4-H Camp! We estimated about 120 folks celebrated these raptors return to the skies. Enjoy this collection of photos! Thanks to photographers Terrie Hoefer and Christopher Knisley. Photo attribution got lopped off in the

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Ms Pox

Mid-September Admits

Birdie migration has begun! With that, we expect to see a few raptors get themselves in a pickle and need an assist. With some species, like bald eagles, we can tell adults from juveniles, while in most species by this time of the year juveniles and adults look the same. Alex from Sioux County (Iowa)

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