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Decorah June 2016

Decorah’s 3rd Hatchaversary

7 April 2017

Oh my, how time does fly! Seems like we were all reflecting upon a new year to come and now the calendar says April. Recall that one “little birdie” had

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Eagle News

31 March 2017

Many eagle nests across the Midwest already have downy-covered eaglets being attended to by adults. Other nests, have folks on “hatch watch.” That is true at the eagle nest near

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Thora on bow perch

Continued training…

16 June 2016

Linette Bernard, Communications Director What does it take for a non-releasable raptor to become an education bird? There is much adjustment. Everything for the bird is new. There is much

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Happy Hatchaversary

7 April 2016

If you’ve followed SOAR for any length of time, you’ve come to know that ‘busy’ is what we all are! When you’re busy, often projects take way longer than you’d

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Time on the Bow Perch

23 February 2016

Terrie spent Saturday 20 February 2016 at SOAR helping with many tasks! Decorah also had practice stepping to Kay’s fist, maintaining balance while Kay walked to the bow perch, and

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New photos

1 December 2015

These photos are from 23 November 2015. Terrie was at SOAR getting some eagle hours in and took these photos for us! Practice today was more out of the crate

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18 October 2015 – roomies

18 October 2015

Ambassador-in-Training Decorah actually has 9 of 10 tail feathers that are growing… these feathers are not done growing, but this is by far the best we’ve seen them look! Port

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18 September 2015 – new mew

18 September 2015

Kay reports that Decorah is still doing a fairly normal molt. His two favorite places to perch are on a stump and the bow perch. As mentioned in the Spring 2015

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9 August 2015 – Chitters

9 August 2015

No news is good news! Several have asked on the progress of tail feathers and how training is going. Decorah continues to be in a low-stress time in training. He

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7 July 2015 – feathers

7 July 2015

Several have asked about tail feather progress… Kay is maintaining Decorah’s low-stress conditions to give his tail feathers the best opportunity to grow in all the way. Kay reports that

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