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Hatch-year 2024 Eagle Q& A

2 July 2024

Where will eaglets be released? Will SOAR release the eaglets near their natal nest and if so, will the parents recognize them? Will the eaglets be tracked post-release? When do…

HY24 bald eagle

Several to 60-foot flight

29 June 2024

With the 60′ flight pen having been recently emptied and cleaned, several hatch-year 2024 and even a couple adult bald eagles were ready to transition from a 10×20′ flight pen…

And now there are five

5 June 2024

Three hatch-year 2024 bald eagles from Urbandale / Denton were admitted to SOAR on 24 May. Read about their admit story here. This trio is in an ICU “nursery” room…

HY22 Hubbard bald eagle

Q&A: rehab of hatch-year bald eagles

4 June 2024

How do sick and injured raptors get to SOAR? SOAR receives the injured birds (usually after several phone calls, text messages, and photos to assess the situation) with the help…

HY22 bald eagle

Highlights of HY eaglets

27 May 2024

SOAR is not new to providing rehabilitation to hatch-of-the-year bald eagles. Nor is SOAR new to providing rehabilitation to bald eagles – SOAR has 25 years of experience. Between 2012…

2 of the 3 eaglets

Settling in

25 May 2024

The Denton Trio are all standing and putting weight on their feet/legs. Of course, one decides to rest a leg for the picture! The Trio ate 5.5 lbs of stew…

2 of the 3 eaglets

Eaglets Admitted

24 May 2024

Powerful thunderstorms and tornadoes bounced from southwest to central Iowa and continued to the northeast on 21 May 2024. Here is a summary from the National Weather Service. Not only…

federal band

The Story of a Band Return Report

21 May 2024

A banded adult female bald eagle was transferred to SOAR from another Iowa wildlife rehabilitator on 13 May 2024. The next day, an email came in with a bird band…

hatch-year and adult barred owl

Happy Foster Mom Day

15 May 2024

Adult birds often become a “Foster Parent” to young-of-the-year in the flight pen and serve as role models for appropriate behavior! Pictured here are two barred owlets with an adult…

barred owl nestling

Many barred owlets

4 May 2024

The recent storms that moved through west central Iowa recently may have had an impact on these nestling barred owls.