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adult bald eagle

Eleven years of Iowa bald eagle data is published!

15 December 2017

Yeah! The research paper is published online in the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management! Lead Poisoning in Bald Eagles Admitted to Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities in Iowa, 2004-2014 Thanks need…

Bald eagle P-10 released!

SOAR #GivingTuesday 2017

24 November 2017

As we approach the end of the calendar year, all of us at SOAR wish to thank our supporters! You help us in immeasurable ways – sharing our website and…

juvenile bald eagle

Bald eagle admits update

8 November 2017

After reading website posts and news articles about the number of bald eagles being admitted at wildlife rehabilitation centers and also reading the requests for hunters to go non-toxic in…

juvenile red-tailed hawk

Just say “no!”

4 October 2017

Here’s another preventable human hazard for raptors… just say ‘no’ to using rodenticide! While rodenticide certainly does kill rodents, it also one of those toxins that causes secondary poisoning. In…


Summer happenings at SOAR

17 August 2017

Ongoing maintenance is something that every business owner, home owner, and even landowner needs to do! This summer at SOAR, the ‘hawk house’ had new galvanized window screen attached to…

sharp-shinned hawk

Human-made hazards abound

26 April 2017

It’s difficult being a wild creature in the human landscape. Dangers lurk around every corner and navigating them is a challenge. Look out your window and you’re likely to see…


Eagle News

31 March 2017

Many eagle nests across the Midwest already have downy-covered eaglets being attended to by adults. Other nests, have folks on “hatch watch.” That is true at the eagle nest near…


Students in Action!

8 February 2017

A Lego League Robotics Club from South Sioux City, Nebraska had a task to look for local issues and possible solutions, then present their findings to a group. The club…

Anthon bald eagle

Impacts of lead

21 December 2016

With the latest bald eagle admitted 19 December 2016 with HI blood lead levels as measured on our in-house diagnostic equipment, several have asked questions about why, how, and from…

tree service

Poplars down – #GivingTuesday 2016 update

27 November 2016

Oiy vey! Repairs… If you own a car, a house, vacation property, land, or many other items, then you know all to well about the need for periodic maintenance and…