SOAR News & Notes

Website has a new look

4 January 2016

Welcome to the updated SOAR website! The biggest reason for the new design is this one is responsive to mobile devices. (I learned that the site is best viewed on…

Thank you for your support in 2015

28 December 2015

Raptor viewing etiquette

15 December 2015

We should all observe good raptor viewing etiquette, not only during the nesting season, but also during migration and the winter months when many raptors will gather together in good…

Looking for a non-toxic ammo gift for your favorite hunter?

1 December 2015

Not sure what to get? First, find out what the caliber or gauge of their favorite firearm and then check that against what is available! Does your hunter reload their…

Remember — protected predators keep the balance!

27 September 2015

Unfortunately it’s that time of year when we can see red-tailed hawks admitted with what are likely gunshot wounds. See photo right of a bird admitted 30 October 2012 >>>.…

2015 Release Party

30 August 2015

30 August 2015 at Dale Valley Vineyard SOAR is having a typical rehab year… but on a more personal note, we’ve had some lows this year. Kay’s friend (and SOAR’s…

Encourage steel / non-toxic shot for dove hunting

15 August 2015

Dove hunting season starts on 1 September here in Iowa and runs through 9 November 2015. Please encourage hunters to use steel shot. Research shows that, when lead shot is…

HY red-tailed hawks released!

19 July 2015

Two hatch-year 2015 red-tailed hawks were released at The Nature Conservancy Bison Day program on 11 July 2015. One released was captured on video.

Great Horned Owls Released

5 July 2015

A hatch-year and adult great horned owl were quietly released at Dickson Timber in Carroll County on 3 July 2015.

Two 2014 juvenile eagles admits released

20 June 2015

Two HY14 eagles admitted summer 2014 were released at SOAR on 18 June 2015. Project AWARE, admitted 17 July 2014, and Clay, admitted 9 August 2014, were both very sick…