SOAR News & Notes

Encourage steel / non-toxic shot for dove hunting

15 August 2015

Dove hunting season starts on 1 September here in Iowa and runs through 9 November 2015. Please encourage hunters to use steel shot. Research shows that, when lead shot is…

HY red-tailed hawks released!

19 July 2015

Two hatch-year 2015 red-tailed hawks were released at The Nature Conservancy Bison Day program on 11 July 2015. One released was captured on video.

Great Horned Owls Released

5 July 2015

A hatch-year and adult great horned owl were quietly released at Dickson Timber in Carroll County on 3 July 2015.

Two 2014 juvenile eagles admits released

20 June 2015

Two HY14 eagles admitted summer 2014 were released at SOAR on 18 June 2015. Project AWARE, admitted 17 July 2014, and Clay, admitted 9 August 2014, were both very sick…

Loess Hills Prairie Seminar Release

5 June 2015

SOAR has been a part of the Loess Hills Prairie Seminar (LHPS) for many years, educating attendees about the importance of quality habitat for raptors and also natural history and…


2 February 2015

Make the switch! Watch this segment from Itasca Community TV (Minnesota) of Just Outdoors – Copper Bullets that talks about ballistics, shot placement, human and wildlife health, and three shooting…

A bit more about lead poisoning…

18 January 2015

The bald eagle admitted on 13 December 2011 that had been caught in a leg-hold trap also had elevated blood lead levels (BLL) of 9.6 µg/dL. She coughed up a…

Eagle Summer 2014

5 September 2014

A perspective from SOAR Executive Director, Kay Neumann 5 September 2014 — Usually summers are relatively quiet here at SOAR; young kestrels and screech owls that need a little food…

Eagle program and release at Lake Red Rock

19 April 2014

Two rehabilitated eagles were released at Lake Red Rock, below the dam at the South Tailwater Area on 19 April 2014. About 50+ folks that attended the SOAR eagle program…

What happened to SNOW1?

15 January 2013

What happened to SNOW1? From Kay… Just like the other 13 snowy owls that SOAR worked with in 2012, SNOW1 came in starving. Seven of the 14 owls died before…