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HY18 bald eagle

Determining Gender in Bald Eagles

As part of ongoing data collection looking at bald eagles and lead exposure in birds admitted to wildlife rehabilitators in Iowa, SOAR started collecting beak depth measurements. A research paper from Garcelon et al (Journal of Wildlife Management 49(3):1985) is the basis for SOAR to use beak depth measurement for a gender determination. The Garcelon

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Black flies once again torment

Black flies are also called buffalo gnats because the very tiny fly (5-15 mm) has a humped thoracic region that might look like the hump on a buffalo / bison. Black flies are true flies (Order Diptera) and classified in the family Simuliidae. I learned, during the 2018 black fly season, from a University of

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An update on D32

What an eventful week! On Saturday, the other eaglet – D32 that was rescued on Friday 7 June – from the nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery was transported to SOAR. D32 had excellent care on Friday evening and Saturday morning from Raptor Resource Project board member and veterinarian Laura. D32 spent several days evading

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DN9 is also at SOAR

This hatch-year (HY19) bald eagle – DN9 – from the Decorah North Nest and famous from the Raptor Resource Project (RRP) nest camera fell to the ground under the nest on 6 June. RRP board member, Dave K, was able to locate and rescue this eaglet on 7 June. DN9 was transported to SOAR on

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D33 gnat bites

D33 arrives at SOAR

The hatch-year (HY19) bald eagle from the nest near the Decorah Fish Hatchery and famous from the Raptor Resource Project nest camera tumbled to the ground under the nest on 5 June. Hatchery staff were alerted and the juvenile was safely retrieved and taken to the hatchery. Also on 5 June, this eaglet began the

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SOAR Wins Award for Excellence in Environmental Education

Saving Our Avian Resources Wins Award for Excellence in Environmental Education The Iowa Association of Naturalists (IAN) and the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition (ICEC) are proud to award Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR) with an IAN/ICEC Award for Excellence in Environmental Education. The award is the Frederic Leopold Environmental Education Award for outstanding environmental education

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Update on projects

With the 2018 fundraising season soon to be upon us, we wanted to share with you the progress on “capital” projects from the 2017 fundraiser! With funds from the 2017 year-end fundraising, a stand-alone 10’ x 20’ x 9’ mew (hawk house) was constructed. This hawk house will be for a future education ambassador, as

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AG Foundation

Support from Avangrid Foundation

The Avangrid Foundation, Inc., in collaboration with Avangrid Renewables, is partnering with SOAR to help build a much needed food storage building! The Avangrid Foundation grant will help SOAR build a separate stand-alone structure to house all the food storage freezers and food prep area — removing these from the intensive care area of the

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barred owl awaits release

Another release party in the books!

The 2018 SOAR release party was attended by over 150 people (our best guess) this past Sunday, 26 August. This year’s event was held at McFarland Park, just north of Ames, Iowa. McFarland Park is part of the Story County Conservation Board system. The Conservation Center at the park has a beautiful outdoor setting adjacent

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