SOAR News & Notes

If you see something, say something!

12 September 2023

SOAR was alerted to a Facebook post where a landowner’s chicken was taken by a hatch-year red-tailed hawk. The original poster asked if a fake owl would keep the chickens…

Habitat is where it’s at!

4 August 2023

Check out this owl habitat! Two hatch-year great horned owls were released near this intersection on 3 August!  

barred owl in intensive care crate

It’s all about… habitat!

1 August 2023

Two adult barred owls were released on Owl Avenue in the Des Moines River Valley on the way to an owl program! Check out this habitat.    


Decorah FAQ 2023

19 July 2023

Frequently asked questions (and answers) about bald eagle ambassador Decorah Can you believe that Decorah is now 9!? Where has time gone? What happened to Decorah that he is now…

adult and hatch-year great horned owls

Baby Season 2023

14 May 2023

Baby season has been here for over a month! So far in 2023, SOAR has admitted baby great horned owls, baby barred owls, baby screech owls, and baby red-tailed hawks.…

screech owl

World Migratory Bird Day

30 April 2023

Visit the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge and enjoy a day filled with fun bird-related activities for the whole family in celebration of World Migratory Bird Day. All activities are…

very sick eagle

Not a good spring

19 April 2023

2023 is not starting out well for bald eagle admits to SOAR. <insert sad face here> To date, SOAR has admitted 25 bald eagles. 15 of the 25 have elevated…

Windsor Heights Earth Day

6 April 2023

Join SOAR for the city of Windsor Heights, Iowa Earth Day Celebration 2023! April 22, 2023 Noon to 3:00 p.m. Colby Park, Windsor Heights Community Center (Google Map Link) After…

Earth Sweep 2023

6 April 2023

SOAR will be at the Earth Sweep 2023 event in Marion County! Update – the program has moved to the Marion County Extension Office due to the weather. April 22,…


Indianola Sustainability Fair

19 March 2023

SOAR will be at the Indianola Sustainability Fair on April 1, 2023! April 1, 2023 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Indianola Middle School, Indianola, IA (Google Map link) You’ll be…