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Released 9 April 2022

11 April 2022

SOAR is thankful for the good weather this past weekend to release some very ready patients! Two barred owls were released along the Raccoon River. Here is the “thank you…

LeadCare II

Recent research on adverse effects of lead

6 April 2022

This study looks back on how past lead exposures can still impact adults of today. Researchers note that, “We estimate that over 170 million Americans alive today were exposed to…


Rough-leggeds to flight pen

24 March 2022

The two January 2022 rough-legged hawks admitted, have been moved to a 10×20 flight room in the hawk building! Kay reports they are doing well. Read about their injures here.…

flying free

Out the door!

20 March 2022

Recovering from injury and gaining back muscle strength is hard work! To give these ready-to-go birds their best chance, releases happen when the seasonal temps are moderate and no storms…

Ida Grove

60-Ft flight pen update – end of February 2022

28 February 2022

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “Change is the only constant.” The 60-foot flight pen residents change as bald eagles come from the intensive care / smaller flight pens or…

Anthon bald eagle

Groundbreaking study

18 February 2022

The first study of lead poisoning of wildlife at a nationwide scale This multi-year study finds high levels of lead in bald and golden eagles in 38 states. From the…

rough-legged hawk

Rough-legged hawk x 2

18 February 2022

Late January say two rough-legged hawks admitted. These hawks are on winter vacation from their extreme north breeding area. Learn more from Cornell Lab of Ornithology! Where do these hawks…

HBC bald eagle

Bald Eagle Patient Updates

18 February 2022

Here are your 17 February 2022 updates on a few bald eagle patients! Ms Pox is ready to go. She and other juvenile eagles will be soft-released together at SOAR…


Keep Poultry Safe

6 February 2022

Are you one of a growing number of folks with your own backyard / country chicken flock? Here are a couple links to help you design your poultry house and…

60' flight pen

Bald Eagle Updates

28 January 2022

26 January 2022 was “moving day” for some bald eagle admits! The Jasper County / Colfax Bridge eagle (admit early December) was moved from a small flight room to the…