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LeadCare II

Recent research on adverse effects of lead

6 April 2022

This study looks back on how past lead exposures can still impact adults of today. Researchers note that, “We estimate that over 170 million Americans alive today were exposed to…

Anthon bald eagle

Groundbreaking study

18 February 2022

The first study of lead poisoning of wildlife at a nationwide scale This multi-year study finds high levels of lead in bald and golden eagles in 38 states. From the…

adult bald eagle

By the numbers

11 February 2021

While 2020 is thankfully in the rear-view, SOAR is not quite done collecting bald eagle data for 2020. There are still what are termed active or pending bald eagle admits…

wind turbines

Research to help raptors

17 February 2020

University of Minnesota Raptor Center researchers are evaluating raptor’s response to sounds. Funding from the US Department of Energy is allowing researchers to determine what sounds eagles and red-tailed hawks…

eagle-sized bird band

Banding birds vs telemetry

27 September 2019

Because of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and associated regulations, all bird banding is done under a Federal Banding and Marking Permit from the US Geological Survey. The permit outlines…

telemetry unit

Releases to help with research

27 September 2019

The Midwest Bald Eagle Telemetry Study Bald eagle populations have increased dramatically over the past 30 years across North America. The Upper Midwest, which houses one of the densest populations…

telemetry unit

Delaware 2 update

18 August 2017

After the recent SOAR newsletter went to press, SOAR received one of those email that you don’t like to ever get… from researcher Trish, “Sorry to be the bearer of…

Considering the switch: Challenges of transitioning to non-lead hunting ammunition

4 August 2015

Published in The Condor: Ornithological Applications, July 2014. Abstract: In this issue of The Condor: Ornithological Applications, Haig et al. (2014) summarize negative impacts of lead ammunition and fishing tackle…

Golden Eagle Satellite Tracking

4 June 2015

Check out the golden eagle research being conducted near Missoula, Montana by Raptor View Research Institute.

Lead-Free Hunting Rifle Ammunition

4 March 2015

This research was published online with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 2012. Abstract: Proposals to end the use of lead hunting ammunition because of the established risks of lead…