SOAR News & Notes

rough-legged hawk

Northern Raptors Heading South

2 November 2021

SOAR can confirm that many birds of prey that summer in the north country have made it to their winter territories. We know this because this past weekend a saw-whet…


Peli and horned owls released

16 October 2021

In early October, a young pelican at Swan Lake State Park was reported to be not acting like a wild bird – this peli let people get far too close!…

Laurel on the high perch

16 October 2021

Laurel is a hatch-year 2021 bald eagle from south of the town of Laurel, Iowa in Marshall County. Here’s a snippet of her admit: After a month in rehab,…

eagle flying

Bald Eagle Released

5 October 2021

The rescuers of this bald eagle were able to join us at the 2021 Annual Release and open this eagle’s crate door! [That right there should tell you how feisty…

Ms Pox

Mid-September Admits

27 September 2021

Birdie migration has begun! With that, we expect to see a few raptors get themselves in a pickle and need an assist. With some species, like bald eagles, we can…

soft release door

Eagles soft-released

15 September 2021

This picture details who went where last week! Two eagles were moved to the 100′ flight pen and the others were soft released on 11 September 2021. A soft-release is…

eagle stuck


13 September 2021

This hatch-year 2021 (HY21) bald eagle found herself in a predicament! For some reason she got down inside a rock and gravel crusher and once there did not have enough…

young male kestrel

Recent Releases

4 September 2021

On 2 September 2021, two kestrels, two great horned owls, and two hatch-year 2021 turkey vultures were released. The vultures left the building… sort of!

60 ft flight pen

Juvenile bald eagle updates

8 August 2021

5 August 2021 was a big day for bald eagles at SOAR! The hatch-year 2021 (HY21) bald eagles from Polk County Urbandale/DH7 and Saylor/56th place have moved to the 100…

adult bald eagle

Adult Bald Eagle Release

8 August 2021

An adult bald eagle that was transferred from Wildthunder W.A.R.S. for continued care and strength training in the 100′ flight pen was released on 4 August 2021. Kay reported that…