SOAR News & Notes

hatchling kestrel

“Homeless” hatch-year kestrels

8 June 2021

These two hatch-year 2021 American kestrels were found in Woodbury County after their nest tree was removed. There was no where safe for the nestlings.  

teenage barred owls

Growing owls

8 June 2021

The baby owl population is growing – figuratively and literally! Hatch-year 2021 owls are still being admitted. Earlier hatch-year owl admits are growing and needing more space. These “teenage” barred…

barred owl

Barreds released

1 June 2021

Two adult barred owls were released on 31 May 2021. Birds are released back in to appropriate habitat for that species. Barred owl habitat is river bottom timber. Barred owls…

Cooper's hawk

Cooper’s released

28 May 2021

This hatch-year 2020 (HY20) Cooper’s hawk was admitted at the end of April 2020 from Dallas County, Iowa, with a bruised shoulder.

HY21 red-tailed hawk


19 May 2021

Hatch-year 2021 (HY21) great horned and barred owls continue to be admitted. The first HY21 red-tailed hawk has also been admitted. Yes, it is always best if the raptor parent(s)…

L&D 10 eagle

L&D 10 Bald Eagle Release

14 May 2021

In mid-December, Lock &  Dam 10 (Guttenberg, IA) staff alerted the Federal Warden of an injured bald eagle. The warden rescued and met up with Wildthunder for immediate care and…

barred owl

Happy barred owl

1 May 2021

This barred owl was admitted mid-January 2021 from Marion County. A concerned citizen picked this owl up south of Knoxville on Iowa 5 in the evening and took to a…

HY21 eagle

Clarke rescued **Updated

18 March 2021

Correction! – This juvenile eagle injured / rescued in Clarke County was first identified as a first-year or hatch-year 2021 juvenile. Upon further reflection, this juvenile displayed more characteristics of…

Jones Co bald eagle

First bald eagle release in 2021

21 January 2021

This female bald eagle came to us from our colleagues at Wildthunder W.A.R.S. Wildthunder received a call from a Jones County Deputy who had a visual on an adult bald…


Release to say thank you!

21 October 2020

SOAR has conservation partners across Iowa that help with rescue and transport. We often talk about “the village” that it takes for raptor rehabilitation. These folks from Winneshiek and Fayette…