SOAR’s Facility

recycled buildingA 60′ x 100′ building was donated to SOAR by the city of Manning, Iowa. The building was the old Veterinary Associates of Manning building. JS Construction and Mike Seidl Construction, both from Dedham, Iowa were hired by SOAR to tear down, move, and rebuild this structure.

By recycling an old building, SOAR saved 25 tons of materials from going to the landfill, including insulation, windows and doors, sinks and toilets, steel, structural lumber, plus tongue and groove siding. The recycled materials cost half of new. Passive solar design and an energy-efficient heating system keep energy consumption and costs down.

Building features:

Originally the front part of the building was an office space. With increased patient admits starting in 2012, this area is now an intensive care area. This intensive care area, bathroom, and prep room are heated through its passive solar design and in-floor heating. When a bird is first brought in, it is looked over and placed here if it needs intensive care (most do). Currently there are two intensive care rooms.eagle living quarters

Spirit and Liberty, two of the education bald eagles, have their own 40′ x 30′ eagle living quarters. The natural habitat display area gives the birds more room to move about and have access to more sun and natural weather conditions as if they were in the wild. The one large window area on the north side of the display area provides for easy viewing without disturbing the birds. Thanks to the Community Foundation of Carroll for funding help on this building expansion.

An ICU areaThe Carroll Community Foundation funded the building of a heated intensive care room (photo at left) with washable walls, a water hydrant, and a pea rock floor to aid in cleaning. This room can also be used to house patients or education birds that would normally not winter in Iowa.





eagle flight roomThe eagle flight pen, 100′ x 20′, allows birds to continue their rehabilitation with more room to fly and gain strength before being released.

10x20 flight pen




There are eight 10′ x 20′ pens, like this one. When healed enough to work on ‘physical therapy’ to gain flight skills and stamina, injured birds are placed in these pens.
insulated 10x20

This insulated and air conditioned bird room can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer and was completed during the 2012 summer with grant funds. These summer 2012 snowy owls patients were the first to utilize this room. The snowy on the ground in the photo is now one of the SOAR education ambassadors and does utilize this room during the Iowa hot and humid summer!

20x60 flightA flight pen extension completed in 2019 increased a 20′ x 20′ flight area into a 20′ x 60′ flight area with a soft-release window built into the back wall. This work was done with the help of Avangrid Renewables and the Avangrid Foundation.










Eagle Display at Swan Lake State Park

SOAR maintains an eagle display house at Swan Lake State Park with the help of park managers, Carroll County Conservation Board. Swan Lake State Park is located near the town of Carroll. This eagle display house had an exterior update in 2019. Here is a Google Map link to the park.