Non-toxic Alternatives

Non-toxic Ammo and Fishing Tackle

At this time in Iowa, choosing non-toxic ammo and fishing tackle is still a personal choice. To help you learn about non-lead alternatives and to locate manufacturers please see the links below in alphabetical order.

SOAR encourages all hunters and anglers to “go lead-free.”

non-lead ammo requiredAre you a landowner that allows hunting on your property? You can require that anyone hunting on your property use only non-toxic ammunition. Check this sign out! SOAR had this sign made at our local print shop, Options Ink in Carroll, IA. Email Marsha at Options Ink for details!

California Fish & Game Certified Non-lead Ammunition Information

While this information is intended for those hunting in California condor habitat, this chart contains useful information and manufacturer contact information.

The Loon Preservation Committee

The New Hampshire based organization has a whole page of links for companies that sell exclusively non-lead fishing tackle and companies that carry non-lead fishing tackle in addition to other products. Check this page out!

Clark Armory

Clark Armory: Non-Toxic Shooting Supply, is a family owned and operated company that has grown in response to the steadily increasing demand for non-toxic ammunition and reloading supplies.

Dynamic Research Technologies

This company produces lead-free, frangible bullets in proven calibers for hunting and law enforcement. If you hunt deer, elk, moose, bear with a rifle check this company out.

From their website: “We are conscious about the environment and with the trend toward lead free ammunition we are one step ahead of our competitors. Our core is encapsulated in copper just like others, but we use a core of powdered metal not lead. We start with a fine mesh powder to make the core (much like the mesh of face powder). Once completed you have a projectile with unheard of accuracy at distance with terminal ballistics ensuring your trophy is down where you hit them.”

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency: Let’s Get the Lead Out: Non-lead alternatives for fishing tackle

Information about how lead-based fishing tackle causes harm to wildlife, a two-page flyer encouraging folks to “Get the Lead Out,” and a link to a directory of companies offering non-toxic tackle alternatives.

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation – Ammunition: Non-lead or lead?

This page gives information to big game hunters and meat processors and includes tips and information for using non-lead ammo.

RockyBrook Sinkers

Check out the original limestone fishing sinker. From the RockyBrook website: “All anglers care about the outdoors. It’s where we spend our time. Bottom line, RBS are safe for people, wildlife and environment. No need for warning labels on RockyBrook Sinkers.”

TomBob Outdoors

Environmentally friendly, lead-free products for the serious outdoorsman. Products include fishing lures, traditional muzzleloading roundballs and inline sabots, shot, and frangible bullets. The editor of Black Power Magazine and an NMLRA champion shooter tested the traditional ITX roundball, read the report here.

Wisconsin DNR encourages hunters to “Give Non-toxic a Shot”

Wisconsin DNR has produced an informative brochure about non-toxic shot. Download the brochure and share with your friends and family that hunt. Rest assured, Wisconsin is not the only state where you can find non-toxic shot. Look for steel and other non-lead shot alternatives at your favorite sporting goods retailer. Also, look for copper slugs, sabots, and bullets now for deer season. This 2012 brochure is about 3 mb.

Your Bobbers Down Inc.

Check out this Michigan-based company and the tungsten lures they offer! Tungsten translates as “heavy stone” in Swedish!

Information about the impacts of lead on wildlife

Get the Lead Out of Fishing

What started as an Eagle Scout project… check it out!

California Fish & Game Attention Hunters: “It’s time to Get the Lead Out”

Documents and information about hunting in the California Condor range, including lead levels in condors in 2008 and 2009.

US Geologic Survey “Lead Poisoning in Wild Birds” (1,376 KB PDF)

A U.S. Geologic Survey flyer about lead ammunition and hunting.

Lead Poisoning of Wisconsin Birds

This Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative provides information about lead and birds.

Worldwide lead ammunition and fishing tackle regulations (117 KB PDF)**

Current U.S. Regulations Relevant to Lead and Non-toxics for Hunting, Shooting, and Fishing (25 KB PDF)**

Species Documented as Ingesting or Poisoned by Lead Shot (18 KB PDF)**

** = These listings were compiled for SOAR in 2010.