SOAR News & Notes

trumpeter swan patient

Swan Lake Trumpeter

28 January 2015

A trumpeter swan from the Swan Lake State Park reintroduction project was admitted with symptoms that indicate pneumonia. The swan is in isolation and receiving twice a day antibiotics and…

RTH patient

Sioux Co Juv RTH

27 January 2015

A motorist hit a juvenile red-tailed hawk, stopped, and made several phone calls to get the hawk some help. Thank you! This young hawk has a fractured radius ulna in…

RTH patient

Dallas Co Juv RTH

23 January 2015

A juvenile red-tailed hawk was unable to fly and was rescued in Dallas County. As you can see in the photo… the left wing primaries are missing. Flight doesn’t happen…

Cherokee Co RTH

14 January 2015

Cherokee County Conservation staff rescued a red-tailed hawk that has road rash and does not want to stand. Best guess is that the hawk was hit by a vehicle. The…

GHO patient

Plymouth Co GHO

5 January 2015

Our first admit of the year is a great horned owl from Plymouth County that likely had a bad encounter with a moving vehicle. Has a right wing injury and…

barn owls in grain bin

Grain Bin Barn Owl Nest

2 October 2014

A Guthrie County farmer checked the inside a grain storage bin (he was about to unload corn into the bin) and found fuzzy bird residents. He made a quick call…

eaglet admit from Decorah

Decorah Eaglet

22 June 2014

Bob Anderson of Raptor Resource Project was at the Decorah Trout Hatchery on the 22nd and received word that an eaglet was downed in the trout stream nearby. Bob waded…

peregrine falcon project bands

B38 / Alma

27 September 2013

On 26 September 2013, our dear friend, Marla, received a call about a falcon running along the railroad track west of Knoxville. A Burlington Northern Railroad employee took the time…

juvenile eagle rescue

Jasper Co Eaglet

2 June 2013

Jasper County eagle nest watchers reported that the nest had collapsed in the wildlife area north of Rock Creek State Park and an eaglet needed rescuing. SOAR friend Marla got…

eaglet admit

Dolliver State Park Eaglet

17 April 2012

The thunderstorms / high winds over the weekend of 14-15 April took down an eagle nest in Dolliver State Park (SE of Fort Dodge). According to personal communication with the…