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juvenile eagle2011 Decorah Juvenile
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories
Admission date: 16 September 2011
Rescue Location: Rural Winneshiek County

A juvenile female bald eagle was hit on a road in the Decorah area while “dining” on roadkill raccoon. A passing car called the Raptor Resource Project (and waited for help to arrive) and Bob rescued the eagle (one of the folks from the car drove Bob’s

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21 October 2011
In preparation for release tomorrow, this eagle was weighed (10.75 lbs!) and USFWS band put on before loading into the carry crate. See photos below.


peregrine to be releasedTundra Peregrine
Patient Status: Patient Archive, Success Stories
Admission date: September 2010
Rescue Location:

This blond, hatch-year male peregrine with no bands was received in September 2010. He is migratory and his very light color is an indication of a tundra sub-species, so is likely from Canada. He had a bruised and swollen wing, with a non-compound frac

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