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I don't feel good

Polk Co red-tailed hawk

10 February 2019

Thanks to Iowa Bird Rehabilitation (our songbird partner) for rescuing this red-tailed hawk from someone’s yard. This hawk definitely collided with something and has head injury and issues with left…

female prairie Merlin

Greene Co Merlin

29 January 2019

Thanks to Greene County Conservation for rescuing this Merlin. This falcon collided with something that fractured the radius and ulna in her right wing. SOAR has confirmation from another birder…


Charger Horned Owl

28 January 2019

From SOAR friend Alex, “Here is this unlucky guy’s story! Imagine flying around, doing your thing. You fly a little too low over the highway and are side swiped by…

great horned owl

Dunbar great horned owl

15 December 2018

A hunting dog pointed this grounded great horned owl and the humans with the dog were able to reach SOAR. This owl has severe bruising in the left wing, but…


Altoona Merlin

11 December 2018

Thanks to a homeowner’s persistence, this merlin is recovering at SOAR. This merlin struck a window, likely in pursuit of a meal, and became grounded. Homeowner rescued and placed in…

barred owl

DSM Barred Owl

8 December 2018

Thanks to Des Moines Animal Control for rescuing and delivering this barred owl to Jenni with Iowa Bird Rehabilitation. SOAR volunteer Cassie picked up the owl from Jenni. This owl…

great horned owl

Polk County Horned Owl

30 November 2018

The beauty of a great horned owl has a wound at the right elbow. Bones are not involved, but not sure of what soft tissue damage there may be. Thanks…

barred owl

Veteran’s Day barred owl

11 November 2018

This barred owl admitted on Veteran’s Day with both a fractured humerus (upper wing bone) and tibiotarsus (lower leg bone). This is all wrapped up and in ICU. Owl is…

HY18 red-tailed hawk

Hatch-year red-tailed hawk from Dike, Iowa

10 October 2018

A call about this HY18 red-tailed hawk came thanks to one of our personal veterinarians! The landowners reported seeing this hawk at the back of their property for a couple…

Cass County juvie bald eagle

Cass County hatch-year bald eagle

9 October 2018

Cass County Naturalist helped out SOAR and rescued an injured bald eagle along IA-92 in her county. This hatch-year female has a fractured right humerus and is a bit thin.…