SOAR News & Notes

immature loon

Page County loon

8 October 2018

Loons, grebes, and other water-loving birds with their legs at the ‘way back’ of their body cannot take off from land… they need a running / paddling start from water…

Jackson Junction HY18 eagle

Jackson Junction hatch-year 2018 bald eagle

4 October 2018

SOAR received a call from Winneshiek County dispatch with a report of an eagle along the side of IA-24. The calling party even had an address and last seen location.…

HY18 bald eagle

Clayton County HY18 bald eagle

26 September 2018

The Federal Warden from the Upper Mississippi River Refuge called about an injured bald eagle that he was en route to pick up… SOAR was not able to meet up…

great horned owl

Audubon Co great horned owl

19 September 2018

An Audubon County Sheriff’s Deputy delivered this great horned owl to SOAR volunteer Cassie. The deputy rescued the owl, that was unable to fly away, from a roadway, so we…

Cornelia bald eagle

Lake Cornelia female bald eagle

12 September 2018

This adult female bald eagle is our first lead toxicity case of the 2018-19 hunting season. Her blood lead level is in the sub-clinical range and this eagle is being…

young barn owl

Crawford Co barn owls

10 September 2018

Barn owls nesting in a grain bin is a good news / bad news situation. Yeah, another nest of barn owls reported in Iowa. Bad, because often times the owls…

red-shouldered hawk

Polk Co red-shouldered hawk

3 September 2018

This is the time of year when SOAR gets hatch-year 2018 raptors admitted that are underweight and struggling. This hawk did collide with a vehicle and the driver is the…


HY17 red-tailed hawk

3 September 2018

Concerned citizens alerted SOAR to a grounded hawk near the Tigges North Wildlife Area in Carroll County, Iowa. Kay was able to meet them there and rescue this hatch-year 2017…

HY18 bald eagle Union

Union, Iowa juvenile eagle

30 August 2018

The Conservation Officer in Hardin County was being bombarded with calls about an eagle walking the blacktop near Union and was not in the area, so got word to SOAR.…

adult peregrine falcon

Rock Rapids peregrine falcon

6 August 2018

This peregrine falcon was noticed on the finders farmyard and they called their conservation board director for an assist! The Lyon County Conservation director was able to rescue and helped…