SOAR News & Notes

barred owl

Polk Co barred owl

23 July 2018

This barred owl has a fractured right tibiotarsus and was thin on admit. The picture is from 31 July with pretty pink vet wrap! Click here to learn which bone…

Madrid HY18 eagle

Madrid hatch-year bald eagle

14 July 2018

This hatch-year 2018 bald eagle was reported to SOAR rescuer Deb as needing assistance. Deb saw no adults in the area, so rescued and took to SOAR. This young male…

HY18 Cooper's

Onowa hatch-year Cooper’s hawk

10 July 2018

This hatch-year 2018 Cooper’s hawk was found in the town of Onowa on the ground, not wanting to fly. At SOAR, it was determined that this young hawk had no…

Ridgeway18 eaglet

Ridgeway hatch-year bald eagle

5 July 2018

Winneshiek County dispatch received call of young bald eagle standing in the road and not flying away when cars approach, near the town of Ridgeway, Iowa. Falconer friend and Raptor…

nestling Cooper's

Three Cooper’s hawk nestlings

29 June 2018

High winds and rain rolled through Warren County on 28 June. There was much tree damage reported on area media. The next day three Cooper’s hawk nestlings were found in…

two hatchling vultures

Hatchling vultures

28 June 2018

Two hatchling turkey vultures were discovered after nest tree cut down and made their way to SOAR the same day.

HY18 female kestrel

2018 capitol kestrels

20 June 2018

A female hatch-year (HY18) kestrel was admitted from the State Capitol grounds on 20 June and nest-mate male admitted on 22 June. Both a bit thin from being on the…

HY18 peregrine

2018 capitol peregrines

15 June 2018

15 June and 20 June hatchlings from the peregrine falcon nest were admitted to SOAR. Both young birds found on the ground and were too young to fly. We believe…

HY18 screech owl

M-town screech owl

7 June 2018

A concerned citizen found a young screech owl on the ground and made contact with SOAR. Deb, a SOAR volunteer rescuer and transporter was able to pick up this youngster…

hatchling eaglet

Clanton Creek nestling bald eagle

10 May 2018

SOAR volunteer Deb received word that a concerned citizen found a very young bald eagle on the ground. Deb and her son met up with the concerned citizen and then…