SOAR News & Notes

adult barred

Polk Co adult barred owl

9 May 2018

This barred owl was rescued with the help of our songbird rehab friend Jenni and her apprentice. They provided overnight care until the owl could be transferred to SOAR. The…


Polk Co Cooper’s

9 May 2018

This Cooper’s hawk does not have any fractures, but was still found grounded. The round wound on his back left might have some bruising and swelling to go with. Started…


Ringgold dark morph red-tailed hawk

11 April 2018

This is a red-tailed hawk, but is a dark morph. This hawk has a compound fracture of the left humerus. Fingers crossed.

hatchling horned owl

Hatchling great horned owl

5 April 2018

This hatchling great horned owl was found on the ground in Urbandale. No sign of adults or nest could be found. At admit this young horned owl was not yet…

juvenile bald eagle

Patterson juvenile bald eagle

28 February 2018

A motorist saw a juvenile bald eagle get hit by a semi while eagle was checking out roadkill on IA-92 near the town of Patterson. The motorist had called SOAR…

open-mouth breathing

Westfield bald eagle

25 February 2018

Alex rescued another bald eagle off a snow-covered river, this time in Plymouth County, Iowa north of the town of Westfield. Folks out on the river came upon this eagle…

female bald eagle

Doon bald eagle

22 February 2018

A group of friends that Alex dubbed the “Doon Boys” came upon a grounded bald eagle while out running the Rock River in Lyon County and called to report. This…

Remsen bald eagle

21 February 2018

SOAR friend Alex was at a work meeting… she receives a call from her brother-in-law’s father. This gentleman just happens to drive a maintainer for Plymouth County secondary roads and…

Vander Streek

Vander Streek bald eagle

20 February 2018

The landowner called in and reported a bald eagle near a creek on his property that needed assistance. The call got to both SOAR friend Marla and one of the…

Warrior bald eagle

Warrior bald eagle

14 February 2018

From HEART the Wild’s Facebook post… couldn’t have said it any better than Alex’s first hand account! “Yesterday evening (2/13), I got a call from our DNR Officer. Two snowmobilers,…