SOAR News & Notes

HY17 bald eagle

Eldorado HY17 bald eagle

11 February 2018

On 10 February, Kay texted me that our partner rehabilitator, Wildthunder WARS had a juvenile eagle that may need transport. The “Eldorado” (pronounced El-doe-RAY-doe) eagle transferred from Wildthunder is a…

arctic phase GHO

Hospers arctic phase great horned owl

28 January 2018

This beautiful great horned owl is a winter visitor and his arctic phase coloring tells us so (notice how white the feathers are?). This owl is favoring one leg. Thanks…

short-eared owl

Menlo short-eared owl

23 January 2018

This short-eared owl was found on the road near Menlo, IA, and has fractured “finger bones” or phalanges. There is also bruising in the wing as it is droopy. Short-eared…


Dark morph rough-legged hawk

18 January 2018

Greene County Conservation rescued this winter visitor rough-legged hawk. This rough-legged is a bit darker and called a dark morph. This hawk has a compound humerus fracture of the left…


Dallas Co rough-legged hawk

12 January 2018

Dallas County Conservation staff rescued this rough-legged hawk. Injuries to the right wing suggest that this hawk may have had an “encounter” with a barbed wire fence. A rough-legged hawk…

turkey vulture

McCaffery the turkey vulture

6 January 2018

So… what do you do when you’re at an event and Winneshiek County Dispatch calls with a report of a turkey vulture needing assistance outside of Decorah?? First, you wonder…

trumpeter swan

Maffit Reservoir trumpeter swan

4 January 2018

Jenni, our go-to songbird rehabilitator received a call on 3 January about a swan needing assistance. The next day, Deb and Cynthia were able to locate the swan, catch, load…


Guthrie Center great horned owl

10 December 2017

Concerned citizen found a great horned owl in a ditch south of Guthrie Center, not wanting to fly. Cassie reported that both wings have some bruising and swelling and the…

snowy owls

Breda snowy owl

9 December 2017

Kay met up with Carroll County deputy to pick up a juvenile female snowy that was hit by a vehicle. She has a serious concussion. She is thin at 3…

snowy owl

Quakerdale Snowy Owl

29 November 2017

Administrative staff from Quakerdale were diligent in finding help for this snowy owl that was grounded on the property. Quakerdale staff member, Wes, kept eyes on the bird (and kept…